Innovspace showed the movie “The Walk” on their TGIF movie time on 1st September. Not to mention it is a true story of Philippe Petit, the French high wire artist, it is a shadow story of any entrepreneur who sets out to achieve his dream.

A street performer could be the lowest forms of fame, income or respect in a fast-moving society. Don’t we know a bunch of corporate employees who are cribbing and whining about their lack of respect or income? Philippe is a testimony to how our outlook on life depends on one’s respect for self and for his dream. Our self respect depends on how live from within and not from without.

In real life Philippe took 6 years to perform this “artistic crime of the century” which he calls “le coup”. The dream started when the Twin towers were announced to be built and he accomplished it when it was getting completed.

With one leg on the tower and one on the wire, he is yet to shift his weight on the wire to start his dream walk. He tells himself, ‘once both my feet are on the wire, my life changes forever. It will never be the same again”. A start up can relate to this ‘one foot on the wire’ moment. How he or she contemplates and juggles between his decision. And at one gutful moment, they shift their weight, and then life is never the same again. Only a start up or an entrepreneur can understand that, it is actually an elevating experience to go financially broken, go miles and miles to get that first customer, to listen a thousand Nos, to be ridiculed by their own family as they compare their son to well settled self-cursing neighbour, and what more, their struggle to find that equally crazy life partner who might understand their craziness and be up for those daily thrills and adventures.

The Walk teaches a lot more than just bravery, dedication, perseverance and hard work. Sometimes, to a start up, it might take the 10th time of watching this movie to get another new lesson!