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We knew you’ll be curious! So we have already answered some of the questions for you.
However, you can always call us if you need more details.

Not at all ! High capacity Generators and UPS with efficient configurations are in place to keep your business safe from any power related disturbances

At Innovspace, we value your operational productivity and hence, we reduce RTO to as least as possible to resume work process in accordance with the local governance standards.

No. Storage options are for Private, Team Office and Dedicated Desk Members. Day pass / Hot desk members will be required to take care of their belongings on a daily basis. Innovspace will not be responsible for any loss.

The Cafeteria facility is exclusive and restricted to Innovspacians. However, with prior permission, you may bring in a limited number of guests or clients during Innovspace’s Business hours ONLY. Refreshments for the guests or clients can be availed at an additional cost.

No. At Innovspace, we understand the importance of uninterrupted connectivity, we have made provisions for each connected device to be part of the 30 MBPS leased line with 4G backup. Leased line capacity will be increased based on network demands.

Yes. There will be a separate location security during night hours and there will be continuous internet connectivity even post office hours.

Innovspace is by itself a Business accelerator and an entrepreneurial community. Apart from workspaces, Innovspace provides unlimited networking opportunities and enough exposure to scale up your business. What more, there is always something happening at Innovspace that keeps you agile and abreast.

We at Innovspace firmly believe that all Entrepreneurs cannot comply with uniform work styles or patterns. Feel free to call us to find out what works best for you.